Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Revitalised Position Strengthens AMAPCEO

As OPS staff and AMAPCEO members we have taken much for granted over the years.  We have had satisfactory pay scales, sufficient vacation days and working conditions have been comfortable.  Up until two years ago, we were all pretty happy and complacent.  We have one person to thank for that quality of working life  – Gary Gannage.  Without Gary, AMAPCEO would not have the strength of its members that we have today.  In 2014, he continues to lead the charge.

But what happens if anything happens to Gary.  It is a question an organization has to answer when so much has been accomplished by one person.  AMAPCEO’s answer is simple - bring the role of Vice President out of the closet. 

I say “bring it out of the closet” because we have the position as part of our constitution but, as a Board of Directors, we have not been utilizing the position in a proactive way.
Utilizing the VP position is simply a smart governance move designed to create a succession planning process that ensures continuity of leadership. But for AMAPACEO,  it was very much a strategic move too.
In the past, AMAPCEO has been a fair amicable partner supporting the challenges faced by our employer. However, given its antics of the last two years, our employer has shown itself as a management group that has changed. No longer is the bargaining process fair or amicable.  For some reason the OPS, as an employer, has taken to not honouring commitments, bargaining in bad faith and taking action that requires AMAPCEO to seek and sometimes take legal action. 
Unfortunately, AMAPCEO has had to strongly push back. Bringing forward the VP position sends a signal that AMAPCEO is changing too. We are no longer the friendly bunch who assumed our employer appreciates what we do as staff. The resurrection of VP position and the changes the Board of Directors made to the job description strengthens its role to be significantly more  active and critical.  The VP role will help make our employer realize that AMAPCEO is unified, prepared and a force to be reckoned with now more than ever. Specifically the VP role held by Sally Pardaens, will be actively involved with or lead:
  • AMAPCEO Central Employee Relations Committee (ACERC) 
  • Job Evaluation Joint Steering Committee and Job Evaluation Appeals Committee 
  • Joint Benefits Review Committee (when required as Association spokesperson). The Joint Benefits Review committee is a bilateral committee, consisting of an equal number of AMAPCEO and Management Board of Cabinet (MBS) representatives, established under the Collective Agreement to deal with issues such as the adjudication of benefit denials, monitoring of carrier performance, communication regarding group health plans and other matters related to benefits.
  • Classification Review Sub-Committee (when required as Association spokesperson). The Classification Review sub-committee is a panel consisting of equal representation of three (3) Association representatives and three (3) Employer representatives convened to review classification matters that remain in dispute after being reviewed by the Enterprise Classification Unit (ECU).
  • Article 27 Committee (when required as Association spokesperson) A committee established under Article 27 – Dispute Resolution of the Collective Agreement it hears any complaint concerning Article 27A may be referred by either party to the Article 27A Committee composed of a minimum of three (3) representatives of each party, and a maximum of five (5)
  • Meetings of all bargaining agents with the Employer. 
The expanded duties will include working closely with the Board of Directors, the new Chief Administrative Officer (to be hired in the few months) and senior AMAPCEO staff to develop policies and procedures to effectively and efficiently realize our strategic and operating plans. This close working relationship will further ensure that AMAPCEO safeguards its values and meets established goals and priorities. 
The revised job function will see Sally be responsible for developing and strengthening the various Chapters, AMERCs, and the ERCs.  This expanded role will help the Association strengthen the grassroots leadership so important for developing our leadership pipeline.
As a member of AMAPCEO, you will see Sally at committee and membership meetings including mobilisation meetings.  Part of her role as VP is the 2014 mobilisation efforts freeing up the President so he can focus his efforts on the current round of Collective Bargaining and the day to day running of the Association.  
Equally important, Sally will now accompany Gary or attend on his behalf, all meetings with senior government officials including but not limited to political leaders or Deputy and Assistant Deputy Ministers. This is an extremely important change in the role of the Vice President in as much sends a very strong message that while our leadership roles have expanded, AMAPCEO  leadership is united and acts as one.
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  1. We could not be better served than we are currently with Sally as our Vice President. In today's situation, Sally's leadership and her role in representing our members' interests will be invaluable as we face the attack on our collective agreement and future working conditions,

    Thank you, Sally!

  2. Sally, I'm behind you 100% and very reassured that you are our VP. With someone like you leading us in this antagonistic environment created by our employer, we have the opportunity to organize effectively, push back, and win. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to the membership.

    In solidarity,

    Patricia Antonyshyn