Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Candidate Statement for AMAPCEO Director.

A few of you have asked if they could tweet about my statement.  I've recreated the statement here  so you can do just that.

 What I Believe

My Candidate Statement for the position of Director

I believe in creating and using policies that support the needs of the Association and its members and regularly reviewing them ensuring continuing relevance. I believe in constructive debate and examining issues from different perspectives in order to arrive at a more comprehensive and well thought out solution. I believe that the voicing of an opinion different from mine is not a personal criticism; merely another way of addressing an issue.  Without critical thinking we cannot hold each decision up to scrutiny, hold individuals accountable for their decisions or have a strong, resilient union. We all have the best interest of the Association and our members at heart. As long as we work together to protect the interests of the whole, we will create and maintain a dynamic and resilient union.

I will continue to champion positive change, transparency, accountability, and openness within AMAPCEO. These remain for me the essential qualities of good leadership; qualities that Delegates like you and the members you represent are demanding.  As your Director I will continue to be your voice as well as your eyes and ears on the Board of Directors – it is a partnership built on strength and trust between you and I.

During mobilisation we saw a stunning demonstration of what member engagement can do. It is my goal to work to create a leadership pipeline with other like-minded Directors to leverage that momentum and provide leadership development opportunities. I will draw on the leadership demonstrated by a large number of Activists who dedicated uncounted hours to ensure that the Employer not only heard but felt our resolve. The strength of our Association and its ability to withstand challenges is dependent on us creating and nurturing leaders from wherever they may be found.  I intend to find ways to give interested members the leadership opportunities within AMAPCEO that will strengthen our resilience and adaptability as an Association.

I promise to leave the Association much stronger then I found it once my second term is done.

During my second term as your Director I will collaborate with other Directors to build member engagement. I will pay particular attention to promoting your education as a Delegate and the members that you represent.  Thomas Jefferson wrote that “An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight. It is therefore imperative that the nation see to it that a suitable education be provided for all its citizens.” I firmly believe that applies equally to the governing of our Association, especially the oversight

During my conversations with members I find examples of how a lack of knowledge leads to uncompensated overtime, managers running rough shod over member rights to fair accommodation, and far too many other examples.  The need to know the Collective Agreement as well as our own Constitution has been virtually pounded into me by Theresa Anderson-Butcher, a dedicated, extremely capable, and knowledgeable veteran Director.  I am convinced that it in you, and the membership at large, lays the real security for our Association - the Association is not safe unless the membership at large is educated, active, and engaged.

For further dialogue on my beliefs and the stands that I have taken on other topics confronting AMAPCEO please contact me at or scan through the rest of my blog.


  1. A great statement Jim! You certainly have my vote! You are a great asset, representing our members in a capable fashion at Provincial Council and on the Board of Directors. Your concern about members and the need to ensure they are informed resonates with many members, who want to understand their rights with respect to employment. These members also want to understand the governance of their Association so that they can participate and hold their Association accountable. Transparency and accountability must be our watchwords. We need leaders like you!.

  2. Thank you Margaret for your vote and your support. Your point about understanding how the association is governed is particularly important. It is shocking how little some members know. I place the blame squarely on the AMAPCEO Leadership who in the past talked to the members rather than listened to them. Hopefully we can sweep aside the old leadership completely and bring in member leaders who are dedicated to listening to the membership and acting in the best interests of ALL the members. We are well on our way to doing that! I believe going forward that no one or no group should be left behind. Together we are a strong union, apart we are just a rabble.